Batting Cages

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Batting Cages in Augusta, GA

The Perfect Place for Birthday Parties in Augusta, GA!

 Are you trying to increase your batting capabilities? 

Are you teaching your son or daughter the skill of batting? 

Then stop into Putt Putt Fun Center, serving the Augusta, GA area today!

Batting cages are a great way to help baseball or softball players practice their skill of batting. The batting cage is used to keep baseballs within a certain range so they are easy to find after hitting. 

If you’ve never used a batting cage before, the experience is simple. The batter will stand at one end of the cage and a pitching machine at the other end will pitch baseballs to the batter. There are a variety of speeds, from slow pitch to fast pitch, 35 MPH to 70 MPH, depending on what you are comfortable with. 

Our batting cages are great for softball teams and baseball teams. We ask that you call ahead and reserve a time for your team to make sure there is adequate space for every batter. 

Our Bat Zone is affordably priced.

1 Round (18 pitches) for $2

The next time you are looking for birthday party ideas, consider us! Stop by our batting cages today to fine tune your swing!

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